Basic Difference between WORLD WIDE WEB & The INTERNET

Most of us think that the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) are one and the same, but there are some key differences between them. To understand the basics, let us dive into a teeny-weeny history. The INTERNET Designed by studiogstock/Freepik Your first question might be, 'Who invented the Internet?' There is no 'boss' of … Continue reading Basic Difference between WORLD WIDE WEB & The INTERNET

How the Internet ‘Hacks’ your Brain!

Designed by Freepik (flyer vector created by macrovector). If you feel that what social media or internet can do to your brains or steal information of your behaviour, then this blog post is for you. Just like hackers steal personal information from your social accounts, the same thing is done to your brain also, but … Continue reading How the Internet ‘Hacks’ your Brain!

‘IRON MAN’ Tech in Reality(Part-2)

In the first part we discussed about the thrusters of Iron Man. If you haven't read the first part yet, then go check it out here. Okay, so now that you have done that, let's get started. This part is quite interesting and to some extent 'environment-friendly'. Here's one question. Where does the energy needed … Continue reading ‘IRON MAN’ Tech in Reality(Part-2)

‘DELETED’ files are still there on your Smartphone!

It's weird to know that when you click the 'delete' button on your 'Smartphone', the files are not actually deleted or completely vanished! So, where do they go? Is your 'Smartphone' outsmarting you? Well, sometimes it does. If you feel that once you deleted a file and no one can recover it, then probably you … Continue reading ‘DELETED’ files are still there on your Smartphone!

Generating ‘PLASMA’ from Grapes? Explained.

This experiment which I am gonna talk about is done by so many people since decades. But no one had a correct or accurate explanation. Now, scientists know that what's the reason behind this and how does it work. Before going for the experiment let us understand what is PLASMA? What is PLASMA? Plasma is … Continue reading Generating ‘PLASMA’ from Grapes? Explained.

‘IRON MAN’ Tech in Reality(Part-1)

I watched Iron Man series recently and I thought what if we could see something like this in reality using some math and physics. The answer came pretty quickly. It was only a matter of some clicks before I got it. It's interesting to note that it's only a matter of 10 years and you … Continue reading ‘IRON MAN’ Tech in Reality(Part-1)

Game-changing ‘STAGECRAFT’ Technology by ILM

Ever wondered how the realistic backgrounds and scenes are accomplished using technology in movies and TV shows? Now, it's time to discover the secret that led to the unprecedented success of many big banner movies and TV shows. Let us explore how technology is used to the fullest in making an imagination of mind into … Continue reading Game-changing ‘STAGECRAFT’ Technology by ILM