This is how Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins’ stands out in the history of filmmaking!

As you can see, in this scene of Mary Poppins, the actor is wearing a 'blue-colored' bow tie and blue colored socks. If blue screen was used in this particular scene, his bow tie would have disappeared from the scene as it was of the same color as that of a blue screen. So which technique was used?

Iron Man Tech in Reality(Part 3)

You might have seen Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man always playing around and experimenting with 3D imagery all around him which is controlled by his AI 'JARVIS'. What's that 3D imagery and how can it be so interactive? Well, it is apparently a bunch of holograms grouped together. But what's a hologram in the first place?

Basic Difference between WORLD WIDE WEB & The INTERNET

nternet is a 'network of networks'. If your smartphone is connected to your PC and your PC is connected to various other computers, then the system is called Internet. File Transfer from your phone to your computer or vice-versa is also an Internet system. If you send an email or text a message to someone, you are not necessarily using the Web. On the other hand, the blog that you are reading right now is a part of the World Wide Web accessed via your smartphone/computer which is connected to the Internet. World Wide Web is not the only system which is accessed via the Internet.

How the Internet ‘Hacks’ your Brain!

If the reward is way better than your expectation, then the dopamine transmission between neurons increases significantly. If you don't get your expected reward, then the dopamine transmission between neurons decreases. In a way, dopamine drives your 'reward' system. But wait, how does all this is connected to social media and internet?

‘DELETED’ files are still there on your Smartphone!

When a file is deleted, it is not actually erased from the internal memory or external storage of your smartphone. Instead, the space which is occupied by the file is marked as 'free space' by the operating system. The file still remains in your smartphone memory. It is completely gone when a new file is overwritten on the existing file. Thus, one can actually recover those 'deleted' files until they are overwritten by new data.

Game-changing ‘STAGECRAFT’ Technology by ILM

The notion of creating big and humongous sets for movies seems on a verge of extinction. The level of realism achieved by making these sets is great but what if I say that there is an alternative to it. What if you get a natural scenic beauty in front of you without spending a lot of time travelling and searching for a particular fabulous location to film something?