Your Journey Begins in the Thrilling World of Technology!

About Me

Hey, I am Murtuza and I am a tech enthusiast. This is the first blog post that I’ve written and today I’m going to tell you what really drives me to write blogs related to technology.

My interests…

So, firstly I like to read a lot about Science & Technology. It really changes the way you perceive the world. I always wonder about the possibilities hidden in a particular research or upcoming technologies. Imagination and possibilities are the two things which make me love what I do & it also inspires me from within. The thing that how far can we go in developing our technologies and using them for the betterment of our lives really inspires me and motivates me to spread awareness among people and this is what I strive for.

Why I started writing a blog?

The reason behind all this is simple enough. I want to create an awareness among people about technology. Most of the times people think that technology is all about smartphones and IoT devices but well that’s not the case. Technology is a much broader aspect and there are many things which are not very famous but they really work for the betterment of someone’s life. Technology beyond Smartphones is hardly known. And that’s what drives me to spread information and awareness among people about these upcoming useful technologies.

What areas of technology will be covered here?

Well, if you talk about different areas of technology, nearly every area of technology will be covered which is beyond smartphones. Yeah, I will cover topics about smartphones also but the priority will be given to posts related to upcoming technologies and their applications. I will try to take into account every aspect of a particular technology like it’s applications, drawbacks and their consequences. A lot of interesting content is coming straight to you. I hope you enjoy it.

If you have any suggestions, then you can send us a message by going to Contact tab or leave us a comment below..

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