Role of Technology to contain COVID-19(Coronavirus)

COVID-19(COronaVIrus Disease 2019) got this name because of the structure of proteins that are attached to the virus. The structure of those proteins resembles the structure of our SUN’S Corona which you can see in the image below.


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As we all know that COVID-19 is spreading all over the world like nothing and to contain it is the most crucial thing that we should do. Here’s how tech-giants are playing a role in containing COVID-19.

If you want to see how germs/viruses spread, check out this very informative video from Mark Rober down below:-

A YouTube video by Mark Rober

Here’s how tech-giants are playing a role in containing COVID-19

1. Distance Learning for Students.

Google is continuously working in response to COVID-19 by using Artificial Intelligence(AI). In the field of education, Google is providing access for online education through their Chromebooks and G-Suite. Not only online access but also there are different ways in which you can learn offline by guiding your school staff or EdTech and IT teams to follow these instructions which Google has explained in this blog.

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Also, you can check these online education websites if you have online access:-

2. Use of Artificial Intelligence

BlueDot was the first one to send the word of the outbreak to it’s customers on December 31, before WHO on January 9 and CDC on January 6.

“We know that governments may not be relied upon to provide information in a timely fashion”, says Kamran Khan, BlueDot’s founder and CEO.

‘BlueDot is composed of collective of scientists, mavericks, data geeks, design thinkers and do-gooders united in a singular desire to outsmart infectious disease’, says BlueDot’s LinkedIn page.

Basically it uses AI to prevent or stop the devastating impact of an outbreak by analysing lots and lots of data and is situated in Toronto, Ontario. Learn more about how Bluedot is using AI to curb the spread of infectious diseases here.

AI is being used by various health care websites in the form of virtual health assistants which tell people to talk to them about their symptoms and then give approximate results accordingly. One such AI is Quro which is developed by Medius Health. Please do note that the results provided by AI are not 100% accurate and don’t ever mistake them for official medical reports. I repeat they are not accurate medical reports. If required seek medical attention immediately.

3. Interactive Maps

There are many firms and services which provide interactive maps to people so that we can keep a track on the spread of COVID-19 in our region and accordingly take preventive measures.

Some of the official sites for interactive maps for Coronavirus update are listed below:-

Please do note that there are many spam interactive maps out there which can install a malware in your operating system and can revoke your access to your device. So, it’s always better to use these above listed official maps for tracking COVID-19 situation.

4. Spreading Awareness and avoiding fake news about COVID-19

WhatsApp announced WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub in partnership with WHO, UNICEF, and UNDP to offer simple, actionable guidance, general tips and resources for users around the world to be better informed about the disease and hence reduce the spread of rumors.

WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub

The messaging app said that it is donating $1 million to the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). The $1 million grant will help in fact-checking for the #CoronaVirusFacts Alliance, which spans more than 100 local organisations in atleast 45 countries. WhatsApp is being used by over 2 billion people and thus it’s a major step by WhatsApp.

It’s a humble request to all the people who are on social media not to spread fake or unofficial updates about COVID-19 as it can lead to panic among people and the situation may get worse. Always double check the information that you are forwarding to other people and verify their official source.

On 21st March, WhatsApp said in a tweet,”It’s an honor to work with WHO to provide this simple service to get latest information directly from the experts right on WhatsApp.”, which you can see in the screenshot below:-

A screenshot from Twitter

It’s a chatbot of WHO released by WhatsApp to provide information related to COVID-19 and to curb the spread of fake news. The number of chatbot is:- +41797818791

A screenshot from WhatsApp of the helpline number of WHO.

For official updates about COVID-19 head on to official website of WHO and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare mentioned below:-

Follow these five steps to contain Coronavirus(COVID-19) :-

  • Wash your hands ( Watch how soap kills coronavirus if you wash your hands for 20 seconds here ).
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow.
  • Don’t touch your face every now and then.
  • Stay more than 3 ft. (1m) away from others.
  • Stay home if you feel sick.
A very informative video by Seeker

I know this is somewhat off-topic blog but it is very much necessary to spread awareness among people in the current situation of the world. I thought this blog might be useful to you. And remember to combat fake news. That’s all for now. See you soon in the next blog, till then WASH YOUR HANDS.

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