Recovering Audio from an Object’s Surface

Let’s talk about sound and microphones for a second. Microphones are embedded in nearly every single digital device nowadays and their primary purpose is to detect tiny little vibrations in the molecules of air which we call it as ‘sound’ or ‘audio’. Now, what if we could recover those vibrations just by observing the surface … Continue reading Recovering Audio from an Object’s Surface

Wireless Charging in Smartphones

Battery has been the most crucial part in smartphones for all of us. Smartphone batteries have gone through some decent improvements in the past couple of years. The very first battery type which was used in cellphones was the 'Nickel-Cadmium' battery. After that, came the most popular 'Lithium-ion' batteries that totally proved to be game-changing … Continue reading Wireless Charging in Smartphones

Smartphones Causing Cancer ?

In this age of information and technology, it's almost impossible to imagine your life without smartphones and other digital devices. But, are we using smartphones at the cost of our health? Let's find out. Electromagnetic Spectrum Electromagnetic spectrum is basically a range of electromagnetic waves having different frequencies which are found in nature. The number … Continue reading Smartphones Causing Cancer ?

Role of Technology to contain COVID-19(Coronavirus)

COVID-19(COronaVIrus Disease 2019) got this name because of the structure of proteins that are attached to the virus. The structure of those proteins resembles the structure of our SUN'S Corona which you can see in the image below. NOTE:- ALL THE TEXT WITH WHITE COLOR ARE CLICKABLE LINKS. MAKE SURE TO CLICK THAT WHITE TEXT … Continue reading Role of Technology to contain COVID-19(Coronavirus)