Neuralink: Do Cyborgs Really Exist ?

Human Brain is undoubtedly the most sophisticated and powerful tool of all time. With over 86 billion neurons packed together, it's larger than any other network. Understanding human brain is very complicated and no one really knows exactly how it works. So, the question that arises is, 'Can we harness the true power of Human … Continue reading Neuralink: Do Cyborgs Really Exist ?

‘IRON MAN’ Tech in Reality: Arc Reactor

In the first part we discussed about the thrusters of Iron Man. If you haven't read the first part yet, then go check it out here. Okay, so now that you have done that, let's get started. This part is quite interesting and to some extent 'environment-friendly'. Here's one question. Where does the energy needed … Continue reading ‘IRON MAN’ Tech in Reality: Arc Reactor

‘DELETED’ files are still there on your Smartphone!

It's weird to know that when you click the 'delete' button on your 'Smartphone', the files are not actually deleted or completely vanished! So, where do they go? Is your 'Smartphone' outsmarting you? Well, sometimes it does. If you feel that once you deleted a file and no one can recover it, then probably you … Continue reading ‘DELETED’ files are still there on your Smartphone!

Game-changing ‘STAGECRAFT’ Technology by ILM

Ever wondered how the realistic backgrounds and scenes are accomplished using technology in movies and TV shows? Now, it's time to discover the secret that led to the unprecedented success of many big banner movies and TV shows. Let us explore how technology is used to the fullest in making an imagination of mind into … Continue reading Game-changing ‘STAGECRAFT’ Technology by ILM

LIGHT FIELD PHOTOGRAPHY (Future of Photography?)

You should've probably heard of photography which is quite popular and creative field. It exists in many forms and types but on the technical level they are similar. Light Field Photography differs from conventional photography technically in many ways. Let's learn what it is and how it works. Let's dive into some history. Light Field … Continue reading LIGHT FIELD PHOTOGRAPHY (Future of Photography?)

Role of Technology to contain COVID-19(Coronavirus)

COVID-19(COronaVIrus Disease 2019) got this name because of the structure of proteins that are attached to the virus. The structure of those proteins resembles the structure of our SUN'S Corona which you can see in the image below. NOTE:- ALL THE TEXT WITH WHITE COLOR ARE CLICKABLE LINKS. MAKE SURE TO CLICK THAT WHITE TEXT … Continue reading Role of Technology to contain COVID-19(Coronavirus)