Recovering Audio from an Object’s Surface

Let’s talk about sound and microphones for a second. Microphones are embedded in nearly every single digital device nowadays and their primary purpose is to detect tiny little vibrations in the molecules of air which we call it as ‘sound’ or ‘audio’. Now, what if we could recover those vibrations just by observing the surface … Continue reading Recovering Audio from an Object’s Surface

‘IRON MAN’ Tech in Reality: Arc Reactor

In the first part we discussed about the thrusters of Iron Man. If you haven't read the first part yet, then go check it out here. Okay, so now that you have done that, let's get started. This part is quite interesting and to some extent 'environment-friendly'. Here's one question. Where does the energy needed … Continue reading ‘IRON MAN’ Tech in Reality: Arc Reactor

LIGHT FIELD PHOTOGRAPHY (Future of Photography?)

You should've probably heard of photography which is quite popular and creative field. It exists in many forms and types but on the technical level they are similar. Light Field Photography differs from conventional photography technically in many ways. Let's learn what it is and how it works. Let's dive into some history. Light Field … Continue reading LIGHT FIELD PHOTOGRAPHY (Future of Photography?)